Are you ready to join the Iaso Lifestyle Movement?

Iaso Lifestyle - Team Life FreedomThe mission of Team Life Freedom is to impact the health and wealth of individuals and families, starting with our own, through our partnership with Total Life Changes. We are creating a fun, spirit filled, positive culture amongst our team. One that consists of embracing and highlighting our individuality and strengths, so that we are inspired to be ourselves and confidently grow into leaders, that pay it forward.

The Iaso Lifestyle is not just about the line of life changing, TLC products we love and represent, I.A.S.O. stands for: Impact – Action – Success – Opportunity

As a team, we embrace and incorporate IASO into our lives and business. We know that as we impact the lives of others, by taking action, strive for success, and build the opportunity offered by Total Life Changes, we are creating our very own, Life Freedom!

We truly embody the Iaso Lifestyle and extend to you, an invitation to be a part of this powerful movement! Watch this short, 8 minute video below to find out more!

Do you see how now is your time for Total Life Changes? Are you ready to live the IASO Lifestyle with us? If you want to get started, or have more questions, get back with the person who invited you here, or click here to request more information.



The Iaso Lifestyle Movement
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Tamyka Washington

Success Coach & Mentor at Team Life Freedom
Full-time work at home mom entrepreneur of 7 kids who loves helping others improve their health and increase their wealth... Find Out How

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6 thoughts on “The Iaso Lifestyle Movement

  • October 1, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    I am interested in this product give me a call.

  • September 14, 2016 at 11:57 pm

    Should I drink apple cider vinegar water after I taking resolution drops….. No food like I’m fasting….. It won’t work?


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