Total Life Changes is a company that offers all natural and organic health and wellness products, and provides an opportunity for people to become a distributor, share these products with others, and earn an income from home. As a distributor, we simply share our personal testimonies of how the products are working for us, and share the passion and vision we have for what we do, with others!

Total Life Changes Products

Our goal is to help as many people we can get healthy as we build our business. Building our TLC business can easily be done in 5 Steps to Success…

#1 – Products

We offer a line of nutritional, weight loss and skin care products. You have to have your own products so you can be a product of the product. Our products work, so you will see immediate results and have your own personal testimony to share with others. It never hurts to have some product on hand to sample out. We are in business and you never know when someone will want to try the tea or pull out their wallet to purchase right away.

#2 – Prospecting

Once you have tried the tea for yourself, you can start prospecting, or sharing it with others. Again, in order to do that effectively, you’ve got to have your own testimony so you can share from a place of authenticity. That’s why it is so important to be a product of the product. It’s a good idea to keep track of your progress as your are drinking the tea. Notice how you feel and the physical and health results you have. Weigh yourself when you first start and again on day 5 to see how much weight you lost.

These are all things you can share with other people when they ask you about the tea. Most people want to know how it’s working for you. I always share my story and how I suffered from headaches and migraines and have not had any since being on the tea. I let people know how much energy I have and wake up feeling fully rested…unlike prior to drinking the tea when I would have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. I also suffered from really bad PMS and frequent knee and back pain. All of that is gone since drinking the tea.

#3 – Follow-Up

This is an important step and sometimes people neglect. When someone buys the tea from you, it’s important to check back in with them. I always follow-up with a new customer about 4 days after they order to see if they received their product in the mail yet. If they did, I make sure I go over how to prepare it and answer any questions they have.

If they didn’t get it yet, I tell them to keep me posted. I want to assure them that I’m here to help them and that I truly care. You want to follow up again in about a week to check in. At this point you want to make sure they are drinking the tea as directed and now you can ask them 3 important questions: “How did you feel?” “What testimony can you share with us?” “Who have you spoken to about the product?”.

Get in the habit of following up and asking questions. If they are excited about their results and have been telling family and friends, there is a good chance they would be interested in learning more about the business opportunity.

#4 – Sorting

Sorting takes a little bit of skill, but just like anything, with practice you get better at it and it becomes easier. Sorting happens during the follow-up. It’s where you identify who will stay a customer and who might be qualified to join the business with you.

A person who is better off as a customer won’t show much interest in the business side. If you share with them and they say things like, “I’ll think about it”, or “I don’t have time”. Let them stay a customer. The seed has been planted and should they ever change their mind, they know they can come to you to get more information.

If they do seem interested and ask more questions about the business, sign them up and welcome them to the team!

#5 – Duplicate

The moment you have a prospect say yes to joining the business with you, you want to duplicate this same process with them. You want to help them start with a product package that is going to match their business goals. You want to encourage them to be a product of the product and start sharing with others. You want to make sure they know how to follow up with prospects and how sort, or recognize potential business partners and teach them, how to teach others the same way…duplication.

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Total Life Changes 5 Steps To Success
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